We design and build customised lifts that have what it takes to integrate perfectly with the environment for which they have been designed.


The consistently high quality of the finish is complemented by an extensive array of state-of-the-art designs. The wide range of models available and the option to order a custom-designed product guarantee that you will receive the perfect solution – a solution that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment.


These lifts are designed to make the light ‘vibrate’, creating a result that has tremendous visual impact. The cabins and structural frames are designed to mirror the architectural requirements, giving rise to extraordinary panoramic masterpieces of glass and steel.


Campo dei Fiori Gavirate
Shopping Center Le Corti Varese
Villa Laveno
Diesel spa
Villa di prestigio
Intesa SanPaolo Bank Milan
Intesa SanPaolo Bank of Limbiate
Intesa SanPaolo Bank of P.zza Diaz
Hotel Firenze
Elevator Interior Panoramic
Elevator Interior Circular
Elevators cabins
San Donato
Lift modernization
Ascensore panoramico
Banca Milano
Villa Svizzera
Strutture Metalliche