Goods lifts

Our goods lifts are designed to provide simple, reliable, durable solutions for the transport of goods and people between floors. Our goods lifts are used in many different industrial sectors and in business premises, supermarkets and warehouses.

During the design stage, the loads to be lifted are analysed using a calculation program that defines the correct size of the system and ensures its load-bearing capacity and durability.

The dimensions of our goods lifts are tailored to match the transport requirements and the installation environment, with special finishes available for hospitals, restaurants, hotels or private homes that have specific requirements for the lifting of goods.

Our goods lifts are equipped with reinforced sills, doors and structural frames and they can be powered by hydraulic traction or electricity. The finish used for the cabin walls depends on the characteristics of the working environment and the usage conditions. On request, our sheet steel can undergo a special treatment based on epoxy resin and can also be coated with special materials.


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